Monday, February 25, 2013

That's Sew Savanna List of 10

It's time to update ThatsSewSavanna's list of 10! I have finished a bunch of projects, worked on many and moved on to others!
Of course I have pics to share!

  •  Jean  Patchwork skirt
  • Set of cufflinks (I'm waiting on awesome beads I ordered from Etsy for this project)
  • School spirit shirts for the kiddos (I planned on screen printing these but my emulsion had other plans)
  • Ottoman slip cover (I have the perfect fabric picked for this, I just need to get it done)
  • Ribbon Wall for the craft room
  • Spinning display case for vendor events and storage in my craft room
  • Cabochon mold ( I have all the stuff ready for this project too
  • Arrange my twig lights in my awesome milk jug 
  • 3 Wall hook and Knob sets
  • Baby onesie and matching shoes for my pregnant friend (It's a Boy!) 
I'm not gong to add to the list yet! Some of the projects are taking longer than expected and of course there is always something that pops up that I just have to try right away! Plus I have tutorials  want to share with you so I need the time to work on those too!

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